Step 1: Fill-out membership application form and submit to the coop office.

Step 2:   

  1. Pay the Membership Fee of ₱250.00
  2. Deposit ₱2,000.00 Share Capital
  3. Contribute ₱500.00 for Mutual Benefit Fund (MBF)

Step 3: Attend the Pre-Membership Seminar (PMS)

Step 4: BOD Approval

Step 5: You are now qualified to avail different loan and services & benefits of the cooperative. * Processing of Loans: Maximum of three (3) days.  

Cooperative Pledge

As a Filipino, I believe

in the spirit of cooperatives.

Alone, I am weak

but with others, I am strong.

So I commit myself to be

cooperative and

for all to be prosperous


Unity, harmony, and industry

I will value.

Cooperative affairs, I will assume.

The cooperative philosophy, I will live.

One vision, one belief, one feeling

In cooperativism, my life I pledge.

So help me God.

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