About Us


  • To provide credit and other services to members in time of their needs;
  • To maintain 0% delinquency rate at all times;
  • To source enough internal capital to meet all the needs of members;
  • To sustain continuous growth of the cooperative in terms of assets and membership;
  • To comply with all the government agencies’ requirements such as CDA, BIR, DOLE and local government; and
  • To maintain a healthy management staff as well as officers.


A leading cooperative that is competent, strong, viable and sustainable with the highest degree of public trust and confident that greatly contributes to the improvement of the lives and welfare of its members.


  • The cooperative is financially stable to provide credit and other services to all members;
  • The cooperative has released loans and extends services to members;
  • The delinquency rate is maintained below 1%;
  • The cooperative has sustained continuous growth of 20% per year I terms of assets and membership.
  • The cooperative has extended its services to social community service;
  • The cooperative has a healthy management staff as well as officers; and
  • The cooperative has complied with requirements of all gov’t agencies such as BIR, DOLE, CDA and local government

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